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Construction Chemicals

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The products we manufacture are for the construction chemicals industry and these chemicals help in retarding, accelerating of concrete.  Some are also used for water proofing.


Some chemicals also provide high strength to the concrete for prevention of landslides and falling of roof of the tunnels.  Also with stricter environmental laws coming into effect, substitutes for highly alkaline and acidic products are now preferred.

Amorphous aluminium hydroxide, which is one of the key raw materials used in production of alkali-free accelerators ( the other being Aluminium sulfate in liquid or solid form).


Highly reactive amorphous aluminium hydroxide gel in powder form (50% Al) is used for production of alkali free accelerators used for sprayed concrete, by adding it to the saturated Aluminium Sulfate solution as a secondary step in the manufacturing process. The Amorphous aluminium hydroxide yields more available / soluble Al2O3, which in turn increases the speed of set when in contact with Portland Cement.


For many decades now aluminium sulfate, or alum, has been the standard raw material of the water treatment industry. Its large molecular size and weight, combined with low cost, make it an excellent flocculant for the treatment of both drinking water and industrial waste water.  In addition to water treatment, aluminium sulfate finds use in a diversity of other areas including construction products, oil and fat processing, and paper manufacturing.  Alum is a white crystalline product.


Sodium Silicate is used in cement and concrete applications. Liquid silicates are used extensively as penetrating concrete sealers. The silica reacts with free calcium in the concrete and forms calcium silicate hydrate. This helps to make the concrete surface more abrasion-resistant, more chemically resistant, harder and less permeable.  As a cement admixture, liquid or powdered silicates are added to cements to accelerate the set. Liquid silicates used in shotcreting or gunning provide immediate set.  It is also used in oil well cements that have a relatively high water content, Sodium silicate can be added to help prevent segregation of the solids from the water.


Aluminum Orthophosphate (AlPO4, CAS RN: 7784-30-7); Flux for the production of glass, mixture of ceramic, waterproofing concrete and dental cements, in cosmetics as a emollient, flame retardant, catalyst in organic synthesis, fireproofing textile, pharmaceuticals, dyes.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”normal” thickness=”1″ up=”15″ down=”25″][vc_column_text]

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